A Tip from Coach Kevin

Swimming Tips: Techniques for the Turn With Rebecca Soni
Rebecca Soni, Olympic Gold Medalist in the breaststroke, reviews how to make a tight, fast turn during a race. Rebecca demonstrates what to do with your arms to execute the turn and what to do with your feet and legs as you push off the wall.

Kevin posted this on Facebook on Nov 4 after the Tech workout

Christmas Socials


Jen Bryden has again instigated a Christmas lunch! Join us on Monday December 15th at 11:30 as we head over to Earl's on 4th for some Yule festivities. Rob Wiebe passed this along: "A few of us from lane 8 evenings group were talking about getting … [Continue reading]

Newest Millionaire


And the newest successful Million Metre Challenger is Bob Robinson! Bob is the 5th CMSC swimmer to reach the 1,000,000 mark as part of the challenge. Join him by signing up at http://www.mymsc.ca/Million.jsp on the Masters Swimming Canada website … [Continue reading]